About Me: Betsy Hilliard

Betsy Bags was founded and created by me, Betsy HIlliard, to provide news and insights about fake designer handbags.

Growing up in the East Village of New York City, I often took trips to the many luxury shops on Fifth Avenue. It was here I discovered my love for fashion, which would lead me to attend LIM College in order to prepare myself for a career in the fashion industry. LIM College is a private college in NYC that is focused on the business of fashion. After graduating college I worked in the marketing department for a distributor for some of the world’s leading fashion retailers, including Prada and Michael Kors. Specifically, I promoted the sale of designer handbags in airport retail locations all around the world. Everything costs more in an airport and high-end designer handbags are a great fit.

Throughout my 15+ years of experience in the handbag industry, I constantly dealt with the threat knock-offs and fake designer bags. To learn more about fake handbags I frequented Canal Street in NYC’s Chinatown and it is here that I examined these “fakes”, looking at their quality, price point, and likeness to the real thing. Due to their significantly lower cost many people resort to buying Fake Handbags. I decided to start Betsy Bags in order to share my knowledge for people who love designer handbags but cannot afford them.