Quality of Fake Handbags Vs. Authentic Handbags

Let’s say you want to buy a new designer bag but, like most people, you just don’t have thousands of dollars to spare. As a result, you hunt for a bargain deal and come across a store selling designer handbags at a significantly lower price. You are somewhat skeptical of the legitimacy of the bag, and question whether it is a real or fake. How can tell whether it is authentic or fake though? Look for these features to help you spot a fake.

Key Differences


Authentic handbags are usually heavier than their fake counterparts. This is because authentic handbags are made from genuine leather, however, fake handbags are made from substitute fabrics and other synthetic materials. Leather used to make real bags is heavier and tougher, while substitute materials tend to be lighter and flimsier. Handbag brands even go as far as stating the standard weight for each product so buyers are aware of just how heavy a real handbag should be.


Looking at the quality of the stitching is a surefire way to identify a fake. If the stitching that is uneven, slanted, frayed or sloppy then the bag is probably fake. Many brands take pride in their workmanship making sure that the stitching on a bag is precise.


As silly as it sounds, many fakes print the wrong logo on the bag. Whether this is intentional or an accident is unknown, but it still fools many unaware shoppers. Some changes are subtle, such as making the “C” look like a “G” in the Coach logo. Also, look for logos that are engraved, not stamped, into zippers and name plates.


As mentioned above, authentic handbags are made of leather while fakes are not. Fake handbags will show signs of wear and tear after a short amount of time, while real bags made of leather will last for decades. Before buying, give the item a good feel. A bag should feel soft and dry, not oily and stiff. Just remember, if a bag feels fake it most likely is.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to fashion there is nothing wrong with buying cheaper alternative, especially when it comes to the designer handbag market. If you are buying a fake bag though, look out for these qualities to see how the bag matches up to the real version.